Q: Is a sewer inspection intrusive?

A: No, sewer inspections are not intrusive. Here in Minnesota, a standard purchase agreement form defines Intrusive Testing as “any testing, inspections(s), or investigation(s) that changes the property from its original condition or otherwise damages the property”. A sewer inspection does not change a property from its original condition, nor does it damage the property.

Q: What if you can’t complete the sewer inspection? Will I still get charged?

A: It depends. If we cannot conduct a sewer inspection because there is no appropriate access, then no, you won’t be charged. We’ll eat the cost of the trip. If we cannot complete the sewer inspection due to obstructions in the sewer line, then yes, you will still be charged. If requested to conduct a second inspection after the line has been cleaned, we’ll charge a reduced rate.

Q: How far do your cameras scope?

A: Our techs carry 140′ cameras

Q: What if there’s no sewer access at the home?

A: We use a sewer camera with an especially small head to fit through floor drain cleanouts, in the event of no sewer cleanout. If neither of those exist, we will access the roof and use a plumbing vent if safe to do so. If none of these are an option, we can pull and reset a toilet to give us access to the sewer line. A signed waiver is required by the seller/homeowner and the fee for this service is $100.

Q: Is a chimney inspection intrusive?

A: No, see above for sewer inspections. The answer is the same for chimney inspections.

Q: Is a stucco/moisture test intrusive?

A: Yes, stucco testing requires drilling many pairs of 3/16” holes in the stucco. These holes are filled with caulk of a matching color. The homeowner is required to sign a moisture testing agreement that details how this testing is performed, so there are no surprises after the testing.

Q: Who can sign the moisture testing agreement?

A: Aside from the homeowner, the only other person allowed to sign the moisture agreement is the homeowner’s legal power of attorney. We cannot accept a purchase agreement giving permission for intrusive testing. Our lawyers were very clear on this little detail.

Q: Do you service or repair homes that you inspect?

A: No, we do not service or repair homes that we inspect. We avoid these activities to remove the appearance of any potential conflict of interest. We want your complete and total trust in our inspection services.

Q: Do you offer repair estimates?

A: No, we do not offer repair estimates. We are happy to connect you with repairs professionals whom we know and trust, however.

Q: When will I get my report?

A: As quickly as possible. The turnaround time varies depending on the service.

Q: What’s this form I need to sign? 

A: It’s a services agreement form which tells you what we’ll be doing, and explains the limits of our liability. It’s very similar to a home inspection agreement form. Sorry, the lawyers made us do it.

Q: Do you offer repairs?

A: No, we do not offer repairs. We want to make sure that our results are not brought into question based on any conflicts of interest.

Q: What is your service area? 

A: All of our services are available within a 45 mile radius of zip code 55426.